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Eng Leong Medallic Industries

Eng Leong Medallic Industries (ELM) is a medallist that has been producing medals since 1968.

As such craft and precise makers, we wanted to capture the delicate, and intricate details in medal working.


approved2020-03-24 Piquant ELM1546 1 MR.jpg
BGE 2020-03-24 Piquant ELM1001 1 copy MR.jpg
approved2020-03-24 Piquant ELM1055 MR.jpg
new 300 approve 2020-03-25 Piquant ELM0511 MR.jpg
approved 2020-03-25 Piquant ELM0461 MR.jpg
V2 2020-03-24 Piquant ELM1618 1 MR.jpg
v4 2020-03-24 Piquant ELM1138 1 MR.jpg
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